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    April 24

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The workshop will be held at the Paris-Rocquencourt INRIA campus, in Rocquencourt near Versailles.

Getting there

Versailles city bus

Versailles city bus (Phebus) can be used to reach INRIA. INRIA is located at the terminus of the line B. Ticket (called T+) cost 1.90 € if bought individually, and can be bought by 10 for 12.70 €.

Versailles can be reached from Paris via RER C (aim for RER in direction of St Quentin because the one for Versailles Chantiers is far from optimal) or via trains from Montparnasse (line N, 3.35 €) or La défense (line U, 2.40 €). Buying a book of 10 tickets will save you 20% of the price.

We advise the Vianavigo website to plan your trips

Shuttles from Versailles

Two free shuttle bus run from Versailles to INRIA every morning. They have an INRIA sign on the windscreen.

INRIA staff has priority in the shuttles so we highly advise you to take the first ones to ensure you a place or to considerate the Versailles city bus.

Versailles Chantiers station
(On leaving the station, you will see a staircase
on the left leading down to the SERNAM car park,
where the Inria-SAVAC coach is parked,
opposite the Raymond Poincaré school)
Préfecture 08:2509:05
Versailles Rive-Droite station
(same stop as the public buses,
opposite the railway station exit)
INRIA 08:4509:25

Shuttles from Paris

Three free shuttle bus run from Paris to INRIA every morning (plus one on midday). They have an INRIA sign on the windscreen.

Place de l'Étoile (on the corner of Avenue Carnot) 08:1508:3008:4513:15
Porte Dauphine
(Place Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny,
bus stop on corner of Université Paris Dauphine)
Porte d’Auteuil (Place de la porte d'Auteuil, by the fountain) 08:2508:4008:5513:25
INRIA 08:4509:0009:1513:45


The Versailles city bus can be used to go back to Versailles and trains or RER can bring you from Versailles to Paris.

Shuttles can also bring you back but INRIA staff still has priority.

to Versailles
Inria 16:5517:2518:55
Versailles Rive Droite17:0517:3519:05
Préfecture 17:1017:4019:10
Versailles Chantiers 17:1517:4519:15
to Paris
Porte d’Auteuil12:5017:5018:2018:50
Porte Dauphine12:5518:0018:3019:00
Place de l’Étoile13:0018:0518:3519:05